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Casino is in trend now. There are many pros of online casinos that catch the eye of many people for which they tend to place their bets on Singapore online casino games like 77 bet. One of those many fancy factors can be cashback bonuses and deposit bonus. For those, who are unaware of these terms, here you can take a brief look on what does these terms mean.

  • Cashback bonus is usually a %age rate which varies somewhere between 5%-25% of whole net loss for a certain amount of a game that is given, which will be credited into the bank account. It can be in form of real money too, but most of the times it is in the form of bonus credit, it needs to be rolled over again. In disparity to deposit bonuses and free spins, this needs to be rolled over fewer times (max=10). Conditions can vary between different casinos. There is also a limit for maximum amount of cashback that can be taken.
  • You can calculate this cashback amount through your deposit. This also means that winnings that came from no deposit bonuses can’t qualify as a cashback. Often, there are casinos that require players to have less than $5 or even $0. This means that if you deposited $4000 and lost $3000, you won’t be eligible to qualify for a cashback. Also, this bonus cannot be combined with any other bonuses, which means that when you’ll be clearing for deposit bonus, you won’t be qualified for a cashback bonus.
  • Deposit bonus are mostly available in all the casinos, this is why it’s important to understand what are their specifics and their conditions. These are made available in the form of free credit which you can use to enjoy normally in the same sense in which you involve real money. When you meet all the needs for bonus requirements, the unconsumed credit turns into real money which you can withdrawal with your winnings in 77 bet. However, the maximum bonus amount is not unlimited, it has a stop so you can’t take on a bigger bonus, even if you have a large amount of deposit. Although if you are depositing an amount that is lower than the minimum deposit limit you won’t be eligible for any bonuses. This minimum amount usually lies around $10. There are various types of deposit bonuses, which are as follows-
  1. Welcome Bonus: This is a bonus which you can attain when you’ll make your first deposit. This one’s the biggest one and that is why it pays off the most on a deposit when you do a deposit in a casino.
  2. Second, third and fourth deposit bonuses- These have a value that mostly lies around 50%-100%.
  3. Reload bonus- This bonus can be obtained when you’ll do a deposit on day which is fixed. This deposit has a value around 25% and sometimes bonus days can also vary.


So there were above factors that were briefly described to give you a hint on what Singapore online casino has to offer to their customers.

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