How to Buy World Cup 2022 Tickets?

The World Cup in Qatar this year is deemed as the biggest sporting event in recent years. So, it all makes sense that the sale of the ticket for the event this huge was set to start as early as January. 

The 2022 World Cup is not like any ordinary event, so the reservation of tickets is not as simple as clicking a few buttons. This guide will provide you with essential information on purchasing tickets for the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

How to purchase World Cup tickets?

FIFA made an announcement that the official sales period for the World Cup tickets starts on January 19. 

In order to purchase World Cup tickets, you need to sign up first for an account with FIFA and make an application for the tickets. Once your application was accepted, you can now make a payment, get a Fan ID and travel to Qatar.

The sales duration for the World Cup tickets will be divided into three phases. The first phase began on January 19 and ended on February 8, the awarding of tickets for this phase is also made via a random lottery.

The second phase of the sales period was set from March 23 to 29 and the ticket sales were available using the first-come-first-served system. The last phase of the sales period for the World Cup 2022 will be in a first-come-first-serve system too, the particulars for this will be revealed once the draw is over.

In order to apply for the tickets, you need to go to the official FIFA website and create an account. In the process, you will be asked if you are applying for the ticket as an international attendee or a local resident of Qatar. There will be a list of options to purchase a ticket and you may be redirected to a queuing page if the ticket demand is high. 

Fans can purchase tickets for a specific match such as the Opener or the Semi Finals. They can also buy tickets for a particular team and bundled as a single package. 

After you apply for a ticket, you need to wait until FIFA will notify you if your application is accepted. Once accepted, you will be provided with a deadline to pay for your ticket before the sales period ends. 

How much do the tickets cost?

The cost of the ticket for this version of the World Cup is relatively cheap which starts at $11. However, the cheapest tickets are only available for Qatar locals. 

The tickets are divided into four categories depending on the quality of seats, with the fourth category only available for Qatar residents. For example, the cost for the Category 3 seats on Group Stage matches is $67.50 which is the cheapest. Meanwhile, the cost for the Category 1 seats for the same stage costs $216.

What are the types of tickets available?

The fans can choose from the four types of ticket packages during the sales period.

Individual Match Tickets

The Individual Match Ticket as the name entails, is for a particular match. These tickets encompassess all of the matches in the tournament and are available in four categories.

Supporter Tickets

If you are a fan of a specific national team, you can avail a Supporter Ticket. You can watch and support your national team during the 2022 World Cup qualifiers from Matchday 1 to Matchday 48.

Conditional Supporter Tickets

Conditional Supporter Tickets are also available if you know your team will reach the Round of 16, quarters, semis and the finals. 

Four-Stadium Tickets

There is also a series of ticket packages where fans can attend the matches from four different stadiums. 

Final Words

The 2022 World Cup is the biggest sporting event of the year, so expect a huge surge of fans racing to avail a ticket. We suggest that you purchase a ticket as early as possible to avoid losing a spot or dealing with last-minute reservation problems.

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