Best Leagues to Bet on Next Season

Football is not only an international phenomenon for sports enthusiasts but also for gambling fans. In fact, the most profitable betting odds being offered by a lot of sportsbooks are covering the major football leagues and tournaments.

If you are new to football betting and are contemplating which is the best football league to bet on, make sure you read this guide until the end.

UEFA Champions League 

Let’s begin with the biggest of them all, the UEFA Champions League which has millions of fans all over the world. The Champions League is an international football tournament where the best clubs from several domestic leagues in Europe compete.

The annual competition has the best odds being offered by bookmakers because it determines the best football team in continental europe.

English Premier League

The Champions League and the World Cup may be huge but the credit for the best football league in the world goes to the one that started it all, the English Premier League. The epl results is the top division in the football hierarchy of English football and it is also the oldest football league in the world. 

The Premier League is also host to the best football clubs in the world and among them are the top six—Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur.

UEFA Europa League

The Europa League is the second-tier competition in European club live football under the Champions League. Founded in 1971, the football league brings together the clubs from all over Europe to compete from their respective domestic leagues.

While the Champions League is for the most elite teams in Europe, in the Europa League, the clubs who fell short from the Champions League have the chance to get a championship title in a football match.

Serie A

Serie A is the top flight division of Italy and it is one of the Big 5 leagues in Europe. The Italian Premier League is host to the best football clubs in the country and it is less competitive than its English counterpart. Serie A is home to two of the competitive football clubs in Europe, Inter Milan and Juventus. 

La Liga

The Spanish La Liga is the top football league in Spain and it is one of the fiercest soccer competitions in the world. While the Premier League is popular because of the clubs themselves, in La Liga, the players are much more given importance than the clubs where they play. 

The league is also home to the best club rivalry in the world, the Real Madrid and Barcelona rivalry, both of which are always on the opposite side of betting odds.

Ligue 1

The popularity of French football is slowly catching up behind Spanish and English football. The most popular club in Ligue 1 is Paris Saint-Germain and it is slowly becoming an elite football club in the international scene. Recently, soccer superstar Lionel Messi transferred to PSG where the other European top players like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe reside.


Bundesliga is just like Ligue 1 in terms of popularity and it is also slowly catching up with the European titans. Teams like Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich are also forging their path in the Champions League.


The Allsvenskan is a Scandinavian football league and it is Sweden’s top flight division. While the Swedish league is not that popular among sports enthusiasts, the league is well known to sports bettors. 


Football leagues are prevalent around the world and there is no shortage of betting markets you can place your wager on. Although, you need to check your betting cambongda first to know more about the available markets you can choose from. When in doubt, you can start by placing your bet on the first item on this list.

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